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Solartint is your mobile window tinting experts. This gives you the great advantage of having your vehicle tinted at your workplace or in the comfort of your own home. We service the Auckland, North Shore, Rodney and greater Auckland districts with several fitment center locations for your convenience.

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Frequently Asked Questions!

An average sedan takes between 1 and a half and two hours. Of course if there is old plastic film that needs to be removed it does take several hours longer.

Unless you have considerable experience with the various types of tints the average person cannot tell the difference by looking at them. Therefore it comes down to a matter of trust. There are numerous operators offering cheap tinting from their vans. Unfortunately they can be hard to locate again when the warranty work is then required. A warranty is only as good as the company who gives it. Solartint has been here for over 45 years with branches around Australia and New Zealand. You can trust us to give you what you are paying for. Some companies avoid warranty obligations by changing their trading name.
So Always ask ” How long has the company been trading? & has it changed names recently? ”

Cars fitted with plastic or dyed film will all bubble and blister
eventually. It is not the quality of the instalation it is simply a low end quality product that only lasts a maximum of 3 to 5 years. Prior to todays metalised tints, all films were plastic or dyed.

Yes, of course. Solartint can always match all of our competitors quotes and offers. Our head office is the importer for Australasia. So once again you get the best quality window films at the best possible prices.
Furthermore, Solartint will honour any coupons or discounts offered by our competitors. Always ask what brand of film they are using. Unfortunately the market today is flooded with cheap low quality window film. It is only after the film is applied and you have driven away when you start to realise the poor quality of these products. Always ask what brand of film they are using. If a cheaper film is what you prefer then we can always beat the price you have been offered by using a similar quality product.

You should check with your vehicle manufacturer but very few vehicles have darkened privacy glass that offer heat and UV protection.
In many cases Solartint can install a very light / clear film to give you 99% UV protection and increased heat protection.

No, it doesn’t. However please remember that to have the mobile service come to you it is very important that you have the car placed in the following situation.

  • Must be completely indoors.
  • Must be bright lighting.
  • Very important to be completely free of any breeze or wind.
  • Needs to be dust free and clean.
  • Needs to be large enough to fully open the vehicle doors.
  • We need access to power.

At Solartint we want every car we do to be the very best. If any of the above conditions are not available at your premises it can affect the quality of the finished job. In that situation it is much better to have the car tinted in one of our workshops.

If time or committments are an issue, ask about our pick up & delivery service

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